TJ's Gym Weekly News 12/11/2017


 Message from TJ:


There are so many blogs, vlogs, and memes with platitudes telling you to ignore what "they" are saying and "trust yourself" and "use the haters to fuel you" and whatever other popcorn garbage is thrown at people to motivate or inspire. It's cheap rocket fuel that works until it doesn't, and then in most cases, it ends up blowing you up.

My skill set of helping people grow comes mostly from the success and failures that I have experienced, myself.  I use my own story to help others reach their goals.

My anger and humor as a young man moved me forward, but when these faltered, I grew into realizing that hustle and hard work would take me to the next level.  Still, a little dose of unhealthy rage would creep in from time to time.

When I realized that combination of fuel was unsustainable, I checked my toolbox and realized there wasn't much left, which left me in a bit of a free fall at one point. Fortunately, I hit some branches on the way down and realized that those branches were there to slow my fall and actually help me, even if they hurt a bit, too.

Eventually, I started the process of climbing those same branches and spending some time on each one to study its message.  Some of those messages were painful, but when I realized the messages were honest and not meant to pin me down, I was able to start climbing to the next level, accepting my own limitations and receiving the help I needed.

I encourage my clients (and friends) to embrace a journey built on acceptance.  It's critical to be able to accept that sometimes you don't have the answers, but there are others who want to help and have the ability to help.  That's why we are here. Just reach out.


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BIG, HEARTY WELCOME TO NEW INTERN COACH, LEANNE MALCHER!!!!!! We will give you more info on Leanne's background soon, but for now, we welcome back this former TJ's member-turned-coach to our coaching staff. Leanne is committed and enthusiastic, and we are super excited for you all to work with her and benefit from her knowledge and excitement. We know you'll agree that she's a GREAT addition to our rock-star coaching roster!

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TJ's Gym Holiday Party is Saturday, December 16th at 7pm. 

The holiday party is THIS SATURDAY, and it’s open to TJ’s Gym members age 21+, plus one significant other. If you are not on the TJ’s Gym Members Facebook page yet, now is a great time to join and RSVP. 

Holiday Accountability Plan

30 days of accountability with Veronika, Zoe, and TJ is ON!

The Holiday Accountability Plan will help you start 2018 RIGHT! The program includes daily point tracking on a self-scored leaderboard, tips and tricks to take care of yourself through the holidays, and the TJ’s camaraderie and community to keep you going. Read more...


Juggling for Jude Soccer Clinic for Kids coming December 27th!

Your young players can learn from the best, and it's for a great cause. Professional soccer players, Tristan and Travis Bowen, have played for the LA Galaxy and numerous teams in Europe. They will run the clinic which will help soccer players improve juggling and ball-control skills. We will divide kids into small groups based on skill/age level.

Read more....



Get that teen/tween in your life moving!

Our TEEN HOLIDAY SESSION will begin on Monday, December 11th.  All classes currently on the schedule will remain, and the session will last for two weeks.  Read more...

STRONGMAN Seminar 2.0 with Arielle was a great success.

Stay tuned for more opportunities in 2018 to work with Arielle.  

It was a small crew, given the busy time of year, but we had a fun day playing with new things and learning how to work with some of the equipment we have at the gyms.  The more tools in your tool box the better!

We will be announcing more seminars in the New Year!  Stay tuned!

Email with seminar suggestions.


*Holiday Schedule:
12/25 - Closed
12/26 - SR/MV 7:30/8:30/9:30.  CM 8:30 class and 9:30 Open Gym.
There will be NO 9:30 classes or Open Gym in the mornings from Wednesday 12/27 through Friday 12/29.
Jan 1 - SR/MV - 8 am.  CM 8:30
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