TJ's Gym Weekly News - 12/04/2017


 Message from TJ:


I feel very confident in the culture of our Gyms and our community. We are a coaching facility where methodologies supported by empirical data are used to improve the lives of our members. We make use of the power of our community to help facilitate results.

The achievement of goals in the short term is the key to long-term sustainability and success. It feels really comfortable to reread that.

The question I have for anyone reading this is: What is YOUR personal culture?

What message are you sending out into the world? Is that message helping or hurting you? The data is the proof. Are your actions, words, demeanor, and presentation helping you knock out short-term goals? 

I believe that the goal-setting protocol we use can be applied to achieving anything outside of health, fitness, and aesthetics, as well. Define the goal, and start reverse engineering the tiny steps necessary to make it happen. It starts with your personal culture.


 Holiday Accountability Plan

30 days of accountability with Zoe and TJ.

The Holiday Accountability Plan will help you start 2018 RIGHT! The program will include daily point tracking on a self-scored leaderboard, tips and tricks to take care of yourself through the holidays, and the TJ's camaraderie and community to keep you going. You'll hear from TJ and Zoe every day, in one forum or another. If that's not motivation enough, the TOP THREE people with the most points will win some fabulous prizes.

Check out the TJ's Members Facebook Page for a video from TJ and Zoe on what to expect!

Email to register.

Body Composition Testing Coming to San Rafael on Saturday, December 9th. 

The Fitness Wave NorCal truck will be back at the San Rafael Gym on Saturday, December 9th from 8am- 2:30pm.  We can add later times if we fill up those slots.

Goal-setting starts with good, hard data. Whether you are finishing the Pre-Holiday Nutrition Program, or you are wanting a baseline to maintain through the holiday season, body comp testing will give you that important data.


Email to get on the schedule.

STRONGMAN Seminar 2.0 with Arielle coming Sunday, December 10th.

Come to the San Rafael to gym to play with some new toys.  We will build on your new found knowledge as a returning participant, or if you are new, you get to add some tools to your arsenal.

You've played with the sleds and sandbags, and now it's time to play with some more big toys! Yoke work and farmer carries are fun tricks to add to your toolbox to develop overall core strength, power, and control. We will learn how to use the yoke (which lives at our San Rafael location), as well as how to make use of various other equipment in the gym to mimic the demands of the yoke.

Carrying odd objects allows your body to develop functional strength that carries over into weightlifting, gymnastics, and, most importantly, everyday life. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, yoke and farmer carries are great ways to augment your training. 

Email to register.

NEW TJ's Gym Hoodies are COMING!

Please pre-order by emailing BY FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8th at 12 pm.  We are trying to get these shipped out before the end of the year. Men's sizes only! Please order a size up if you plan on putting it in the dryer. For reference, TJ wears a 2xl in this item.

Hoodies are $60 plus tax and NO EXTRAS will be ordered.  Your coaches are going to be sporting these hoodies, and you'll be bummed if you don't get one!

We are always open to ordering gear you want to buy, but we need to know what that is.  If you have something in mind, please send a picture or a link to

The annual TJ's Gym Holiday Party is right around the corner! Saturday, December 16th at 7pm. You don't want to miss it! 

Mark your calendars. This party is the real deal, and it's open to TJ's Gym members age 21+, plus one significant other. If you are not on the TJ's Gym Members Facebook page yet, now is a great time to join and RSVP.

Get that teen/tween in your life moving!

There is no time like the present to get your teen or tween involved in our growing youth program.  In between sports seasons is a great time for your child to improve core stability, body strength, and overall conditioning.

The current session ends on 12/10.  We will then offer a two-week holiday session, from 12/11-12/23.  We will not be hosting any youth classes from 12/25 - 01/01.  Experienced teens are welcome to join our adult classes during that week. Please email to register for the holiday session or inquire about your teen joining adult classes week of 12/25-1/01. Thanks!

PS: If you have a sports team interested in strength, conditioning, and team-building work, please email to find out how we can create a program for you!

 Join our TJ's Gym Competitor Program Any Time!

Step up your game for NorCal Masters in January and the CrossFit™ Open coming in February, or just dive in to increase your intensity and get after your fitness goals with the camaraderie of others who are serious about their training.

Email to register, and you'll get be invited to the Facebook group, get the workouts, and be included in this awesome, advanced training program!

TJ’s Gym is hiring, and we would love your help.

TJ’s Gym is hiring part-time and full-time coaches. We would love for you to share our post on your social media platforms and spread the word. If you are a member and provide us with a lead we hire, we will comp your next monthly membership payment.

You can share our posting on Barbell Jobs to anyone you think might be interested.

Email with leads.


*Holiday Schedule:

12/25 - Closed

12/26 - SR/MV 7:30/8:30/9:30.  CM 8:30 class and 9:30 Open Gym.

There will be NO 9:30 classes or Open Gym in the mornings from Wednesday 12/27 through Friday 12/29.

Jan 1 - SR/MV - 8 am.  CM 8:30

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