TJ's Gym Weekly News - 10/30/2017


Message from TJ:

Remember when you were first in love.  How great was everything?  Nothing else mattered. Not your job, your parents, your roommates. You skipped along throughout your day, amazed how great life was. Kind of like this scene from 500 Days of Summer:

Hopefully, if the relationship is right, you start working on the long game.  You have tough discussions about tough subjects, and you start grinding through the day to day.  It's completely normal, over time, to start questioning decisions you make and to look across the table at that other person and say:

"Is this forever?" This, even though she was the yin to your yang just weeks earlier.

We've all been there.

I like this analogy, because the same can be said regarding decisions you make about your health and fitness. We race out of the gates, excited and motivated, but at some point, we start the process of second guessing.

The reason you're not "feeling" your lifestyle/fitness program is because there has been no goal-setting around it for you.

Relationships and fitness pursuits can go downhill without short and long-term goals.  Conversations need to be had, and goals need to be set and reset.  Goals should include both the readily attainable and the seemingly ridiculous. They create energy.

Brainstorm. Strategize. Implement.

Each deserves a meeting of its own. Just talking about the process starts the dopamine and serotonin in the brain to cook and get used.  You start feeling again.  Fear, discomfort, excitement, and motivation become tangible.  This is why we are always pushing to have goal-setting meetings as part of your work with us.  I love doing them, and I hope to sit down with you soon. Just reach out to Jessica to schedule a time.


Happening THIS WEEK!

What and How to Feed Your Growing Tweens and Teens

Want to help your tween or teen perform his/her best in school and in sports? Want to gain an understanding of fundamental nutrition concepts for the growing body, including timing of meals, quantity of foods, and combinations of macronutrients?  

TJ Belger, owner of TJ's Gym and father to two teens, will lay it all out for you. Learn how to manage your child's meals and snacks within the parameters of his/her busy schedule and on-the-go lifestyle. You'll walk away with tips and tricks for foods they will enjoy, that are easy to prepare, travel well, and fuel them optimally for their pursuits.

Sign up NOW for the STRONGMAN Seminar with Arielle 

The first Strongman Seminar will dive into two of the fundamental aspects of Strongman training: sandbags and sleds.

These movements are perfect for anyone looking for supplemental work as part of a comprehensive strength program, or a new set of fun and stimulating modifications for classes, which will help avoid the impact of repetitive movements.

In our two hours together, we will break down how to pick up, squat, and clean a sandbag, as well as the many variations of moving a sled. Bring plenty of water and be prepared to move!

We have 5 spots left for the seminar, so register SOON!

Email to register.

Helping Northbay Fire Victims One Family at a Time

The TJ's Community is back at it. 

After three weeks of our Adopt-a-Family effort, our TJ’s community and family and friends have outfitted and supported more than 60 families affected by the North Bay fires. We are still going strong, so please refer families in need to this link.

Build Your Aerobic Base with Coach Mika

CrossFit™ is an indispensable strength-and-conditioning program, which has helped transform weekend warriors into elite athletes at TJ’s Gyms. However, many of us are missing a fundamental ingredient to our training and could be performing much better in the metabolic conditioning programs of our workouts.

Do you feel like METCONS aren’t getting easier for you? Do you feel like you’re dragging by the end of classes? Do you race against someone in your class but always seem to come up short? It may not be your mental toughness that’s lacking–it may be that you need to improve your Aerobic Base.


The Aerobic Conditioning Club will build a better aerobic base for you. With focused running, rowing, and other single-modality workouts, Coach Mika will bring individualized attention to each athlete, programming two workouts per week for his team of athletes to accomplish, either on their own time or in a group setting. One day will be speed work, while the other will be focused on longer endurance training: tempo runs, fartleks, long slow distance. Athletes will see dramatic changes in aerobic performance in the gym, even after one six-week cycle. Come train with Mika and get even fitter than you already are!

Email to register.

TJ’s Gym is hiring, and we would love your help.

We are looking to build our current team. 

TJ’s Gym is hiring part-time and full-time coaches. We would love for you to share our post on your social media platforms and spread the word. If you are a member and provide us with a lead we hire, we will comp your next monthly membership payment.

You can share our posting on Barbell Jobs to anyone you think might be interested.

Email with any leads or recommendations.

Get that teen or tween in your life in here as soon as possible!

There is still room in our youth programs. 

There is no time like the present to get your teen or tween involved in our growing youth program.  In between sports seasons is a great time for your child to improve core stability, body strength, and overall conditioning.

If you have a sports team interested in focused strength, conditioning, and team building work, please email, and we can create a program for you!



Step it up a notch for competition readiness. 

Step up your game for the CrossFit™ Open coming in February, or just dive in to increase your intensity and get after your fitness goals with the camaraderie of others who are serious about their training.

Email to register, and you'll get be invited to the Facebook group, get the workouts, and be included in this awesome, advanced training program!


*Class schedule additions: We now have M-F 9:30am CLASSES in Mill Valley! Tu/Th Bootcamp and M, W, F regular group classes. Have fun!

*We have announced the NorCal Masters 2018 Priority Registration Information. As always, TJ’s members will be given early access, but please spread the word to friends who might want to guarantee their spot at this sell-out event! You can find out more information HERE.