The 10th Annual TJ's Rodeo was Awesome.

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Favorite moment of the day: Teen Josh B. fighting through some dumbbell work while two of his totally awesome TJ's teen coaches (Gabe, left and Anthony, right) cheer him on and coach him up. What you can't see are the hundred-ish people on the other side of the gym screaming for him, as well. Great job, Josh! We're so glad you competed!

Ten years later, and the TJ's Rodeo still brings out some of the best aspects of our community. From freakish displays of athletic prowess, to heartwarming moments of friendship and camaraderie, to great music, plenty of laughter, and great conversation among spectators, the Rodeo never disappoints. We are tired, but riding the high, and we hope that those of you who competed or spectated are, too. Thank you just isn't enough to say to all of you who helped make this event happen. We will do a full rundown and thank-you's to all involved tomorrow night, along with the rest of the content we normally post on Sunday nights, but for now, we send out a huge thanks to Jessica, without whom this event would not have happened. Give her a big hug next time you see her, and thank her for all she does.

Tomorrow's workout (Monday, October 23rd) is below. Remember to check the blog again MONDAY night for the rest of the week's workouts and other announcements! 

Mon 10/23 All levels Wrench Allison's
Warmup x3 Rounds 10 Scap Push ups + 20 alt. Hand Leg Opposites + 10 Torso Rotations
Aerobic Session x3 Sets 100m Jog + 10 Jumping Squats + 5 Push ups Rest 30sec
A. Push Press 5reps w/2sec Hold in Dip x5 Sets *One Mod. Weight Across all Sets 4 Sets 10 DB Push Press 15 Hollow Rocks 20 Walking Lunge Steps
B. x3 Sets @High Aerobic Effort 10 Single Arm DB Push Press/Side 35/25 20 Sit ups 400m Run Rest 60sec x3 Sets @High Aerobic Effort 10 Single Arm KB Push Press/Side 53/35 20 GHD Sit ups 400m Run Rest 60sec x5 Sets 10 Pushups 20 Situps 400m Run
C. Lying DB Ext. Rotations 8reps/side x3 Sets Side Plank 30 sec x 8 (rest as needed)