TJ's Gym Weekly News 05/11/2018


Sometimes there's nothing fancy about it. It's simple consistency over time, as demonstrated by some OG's in San Rafael.

Message from TJ:

What am I marketing to you?

Gary V, a social media and digital marketing entrepreneur, says, "Marketers ruin everything."

I love the quote coming from a guy who spends all day, every  I love how he calls himself out, but he's able to justify his marketing, because what he is selling is his honest-to-the-bones truth.  He's selling himself.

That works for him, but it got me thinking about every experience I have at the gym.  When I get approached about a modification, a justification, or a question of any kind, I repeat to myself, in my head, the vision of our company.

To help people. Period.

By the time the question has been posed to me, I am in a position of comfort. All I want to do is help this person. At that point, I have no emotion or agenda. It gives me the opportunity to set my feet and listen with my head and my heart, which happens to be a strength of mine. It gives me the ability to answer the person's question, which I often do with a question of my own. Because I never assume I have the whole story. It's usually a 'why" question.

Why do you need a modification? Why are you asking me this? Why are you feeling this way?

I then feel better prepared to answer, but more often than not, I ask for more time, so I can give the best answer possible.  My question to you is: "What do you think I am marketing to you?" I'm asking a hypothetical question, because I know the answer.  I'm marketing the absolute, science-based, experiential truth. I am giving you an answer or challenging you with a concept that I truly believe will help. My time is part of your membership. There is usually a plan sketched out that is attached to that truth.

Who else is doing that for you? Who else is offering this? I think anyone who takes your money should be. That's all the marketing anyone really needs.



Coach Gabe is Back with Another Nutrition Seminar!

Join Gabe in Corte Madera THIS Saturday, May 12th at 10 am. Dial in your nutrition game as we head into the Summer months!


We have limited spots left in this very cool program for 8th-grade, high-school football hopefuls!

TJ’s Gym Lifestyle & Accountability Program (LAP) is now an ONGOING Offering!

$250 for the first 6 weeks of working closely with TJ. Then sort out a plan that works for you! 

This program has become quite popular. TJ has FOUR spots available for next month so act quickly!

Change your life NOW. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 

Want to change your life? Our 6-week program with TJ is a great jump start.  You can start any time. Over the course of the first six weeks of your journey, you will work closely with TJ to get yourself on track to actually achieving some of your most important goals. After the six weeks, you'll have an opportunity to continue with the next level of the program, or go on your way with the tools and plans you've created.

Email to register TODAY!

NEW Teen/Tween Session Started Monday, May 7th! Hop on in!

Session Dates (8 weeks):  05/07 - 06/30* *No class Monday, May 28th.

Session Prices - $160 (one class per week)*

                             $280 (two classes per week)*

                             $395 (three classes per week)* We also have monthly options available for our year-round members.

Spring Schedule

*Corte Madera - Monday/Wednesday (12 - 16) 4 pm *Mill Valley - Tuesday/Thursday (12 - 16) 4 pm *Corte Madera -Tuesday/Thursday (10 - 13) 4:30 pm *Mill Valley - Wednesday 4:30 (12 - 16) - Girls only class *Corte Madera - Saturday (12 - 16) 11 am *San Rafael - Monday (11 - 16) 4:30 pm

*Classes expire at the end of the session. Make-ups can happen as needed throughout the session.

Please share with anyone who might be interested in joining!

Email to register.


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