TJ's Gym Weekly News 04/25/2018



Ella is one of the many young girls/teens who have found a home at TJ's, thanks to our awesome coaches. We just LOVE the process of helping girls get stronger and fitter. Empowering the next generation through fitness and community is a pretty great gig, and we are lucky to have it! Thanks for allowing us to be part of your journey, Ella!

Message from TJ:

The Week's Digest:

Here's a quick review of some of the content we shared and created in the past week.

Some of you are missing good stuff! Some aren't on social media, and some don't pay attention because the titles of things aren't "catchy" enough, or something, or so I'm told. The point is for me to try to put this stuff right under your nose, so it's hard to ignore. Everyone in our community now gets our blog sent as a weekly newsletter, and it's our attempt to keep you informed about things that, ultimately, should matter for your health and wellness (not to mention performance and aesthetic).

I know you want it. I know, because of the feedback I get during goal setting sessions, in classes, and while being "boots on the ground" in the gyms all week long. I wouldn't have that part any other way. I feel an irresistible pull for to be around you people. I listen and apply good ideas and suggestions.

I had a deal with an old mentor of mine: If it's MY idea, hit pause. If it's THEIR idea, start researching.

I used to constantly come up with things that I thought you guys would like. It lead to some empty seminars and quizzical looks.  Then, I started asking and listening. I got an earful and suddenly  had plenty of projects.  They really weren't projects, though. I saw them as ways to help, and I still see them that way years later.

We provide you with useful information. We ask you to get uncomfortable. We ask how we can be of better service to you. All of this comes from a desire to help, somehow, some way.

How can I help you? Email to schedule a complimentary goal-setting session with me!