TJ's Gym Weekly News - 04/15/2018


Happy 50th to long-time TJ's Mill Valley superstar, Brian Urey! And Chris Ford is a t-shirt-making master. #community


Message from TJ:

This is a fascinating article from "The Hustle." It spurred on my thoughts for this week's communication.

The Men Who Took 10,000 Flights In 1981, American Airlines sold an unlimited lifetime pass. But they didn’t account for fliers like Jacques Vroom. BY ZACHARY CROCKETT

Three decades ago, 28 lucky bastards managed to snag the greatest travel deal in history, courtesy of American Airlines. It was dubbed the “unlimited AAirpass.”

For a one-time fee of $250k ($560k in 2018 dollars), this pass gave a buyer unlimited first-class travel for life. A companion pass could be purchased for an additional $150k, allowing the pass holder to bring along anyone for the ride.

Mark Cuban, an early AAirpasser, tells us it was “one of the best purchases [he’s] ever made.”

But the unlimited AAirpass had a fatal flaw: it was such a good deal that it ended up costing American Airlines millions of dollars per year -- and the company set out to revoke the contracts of its top customers by any means necessary.

I'm bringing this back around to what we I do with people at the gyms wanting help. Bottom line: we need to hold ourselves accountable, and often that means creating a plan and sharing it with someone who will offer that accountability function (me). In order to be helpful, the plan needs to be challenged and questioned and tested. 

I run a business. It needs to profit in order for it to stay afloat and for me to pay my bills. It confuses me when companies celebrate another round of funding when they are not profitable. I have talked with people who run major corporations and have asked about this idea that profit isn't the goal. Believe it or not, more often than not, they pull out that four-letter word: HOPE.

They are HOPING to secure the next round of funding. They HOPE to be purchased by a larger entity.  Most of the time, they disguise HOPE with words like "goal" or "plan," but let's call it what it is...a wing and a prayer.

The AAirpass was exactly that. There was no plan outside of the immediate future. There was no discussion about how the new option would fit into the company's overall goal. This was a life preserver, a gimmick, to get quick cash with no thought put into the future.

Some bullshit nutrition plan or some random exercise routine or some weekend seminar is not going to solve your problems. Consistency over the long haul in following a smart, well-constructed, well-tested plan is the best option, and everyone knows it. The problem is, that this approach doesn't deliver immediate results. What it does deliver is a calmness of mind, a rejuvenation of spirit, and a propulsion of physical effort.

Don't AAirpass your plan and short-change your life.



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