TJ's Gym Weekly News - 04/04/2018


Message from TJ:

My Superpower.

I always feel I can speak from a place of authenticity, because I've basically pretty much always been there. I know the ups and downs of parenting, the school calendar, work, life, fitness etc.

If you're reading this and you've been following me for awhile,  you might be expecting a witty tale about something, but that's not happening today. You see, I'm in a little bit of a contemplative state regarding helping people.

I see you.  You don't know it, but I do.  I see your struggles and your battles.  I see your eyes and your posture.  I see your attitude and your energy.  I see your happiness and your sadness.  It's my superpower.  I'm more of an earned-than-given type of superhero.  I didn't come from another planet or get hit with an accidental dose of gamma rays.  It has come from a life of experiences that will hopefully find their way into a cool book one day.

TJ Bane: Oh, you think the WTF is your ally. But you merely adopted the WTF; I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING!  (Sorry, nerd comic book reference).

Having clarity with your superpower (we've all got one) takes a ton of work, but once you've come to terms with it, you have decisions to make.  Use it, or keep it dormant and nobody needs to know.

I've decided to use mine.  I've figured out that it's what I'm built to do, and it's how I have built my business.  I really didn't know that going in, and for years I awkwardly shrugged off the comments that I'm good at helping people or that I should do more outreach to people along the lines of basically getting their lives together.

So now I'm doing that.  I'm helping people I see.  I'm pulling you out of groups, I'm tapping you on the shoulder, I'm chasing you down in the parking lot, and I'm writing to you.  Like right now.

You've got stuff.  I've got solutions and a tool box.  Most importantly, I've got my superpower and the desire to help.

Enjoy Spring Break, and when you get back, please get in touch with me. I'll be here.



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Our Spring Session started on Monday, March 5th. Next week (week of April 9th) is our Spring Break. We will be offering classes if we get enough pre-registrations.  Please email if you/your teen is planning on attending any of our normally-scheduled tween/teen classes, which can be found HERE. Once we have a critical mass of attendees, will charge you up front at $20/class, with no refunds. Classes will be open to friends with no experience, as class sizes will be quite small.  If we do not have enough sign-ups 24 hours in advance of a class time, there will be no class, and we will contact you to let you know. Please email with questions or to register!

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