TJ's Gym Weekly News - 02/22/2018


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Tom's doing the Open. Are you?

Message from TJ: 

Today is the day when the first workout of the CrossFit Open is announced.

I haven’t participated in the Open for years, but I’ve never missed a workout announcement. This event separates us from other fitness methodologies. It holds us accountable, it challenges us, it creates an emotional reaction in us.

Not many other physical events do that for an extended period of time. Races do. But just for the duration of the race. This sucker is five weeks! It’s empirically based. It has a pool of hundreds of thousands of people your exact age, height, and weight to whom you can compare yourself. That’s an amazing opportunity, and it's never existed before in the arena of fitness.

Some of you could care less about the Open, and that’s OK, too. It’s just something else that makes us different in a good way. We will always announce events that might inspire you to engage with our community, because it’s a good thing to do and is part of our overall vision--helping people be better any way we can.



P.S. Be sure to email to set up a 15-minute goal-setting session with me any time!



Our TJ's Gym to Gym to Gym competition is already heating up behind the scenes! Lots of fun smack-talking being throw around. 

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PDF WITH ALL OF THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR TJ'S GYM CROSSFIT OPEN THIS YEAR! The Open starts TODAY, so REGISTER NOW. You have until Monday at 5pm to register, do the workout, and input your score!
Outside of the options listed on the PDF linked above, you will need to sign up to perform a workout and judge on Saturday, by going to one of the links below.  Once we see what the workout is each week and how long it will take, we will update the sign-up links. Please remember that you are expected to judge if you do a workout (and are judged, yourself). Thank you!

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It's almost MARCH. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? (

Email to register TODAY!

TJ’s Gym Programming Guide 

Just in case you missed it last week, here is our TJ's Gym programming guide.

Coach Nick, who carefully programs our All Levels workouts year-round, created this quick-reference table and explanation of what drives our programming choices. Please take the time to look it over, and let me know if you have any questions. Many thanks to Nick for his commitment to excellence and for taking the time to communicate our plan! The grid below is a summary of our cycles. Please CLICK HERE FOR NICK'S DETAILED EXPLANATION OF WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO.


Get that teen/tween in your life moving! 


Find out more about our ongoing Teen/Tween program...

Email to register for the session. 


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