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We get attached to our teens, they become part of our community—our family—and then they leave. Hyden is heading off to college in Colorado soon, and he will be sorely missed in Mill Valley! Take a minute to chat with him before he leaves. You’ll be glad you did!


Message from TJ:

"Where are the Bodies?"

Podcaster and comedian Adam Carolla uses this quote when exposing a myth on his show. Before football star Lyle Alzado died of brain cancer in 1992, he told an interviewer that steroids caused his brain cancer.

20 years ago we were all running around in a panic that cell phones caused brain tumors.

Black mold was supposed to kill us in our sleep if we didn't get it removed from our homes.

Any of this stuff sound familiar? We all bought into it, and we all reacted in some way. Some hysterically.

So....where are the bodies?

As it turns out, there is no evidence or data to support the above claims. So how do stories like this get started?

Obviously there are ulterior motives behind most claims. I had a great conversation with Bob Kelly today in Corte Madera about nutrition—specifically weight loss and it's effect on performance. He joked that his buddy has a book from the turn of the 20th century that was all about how to make improvements to your life and about real cures for our ailments. The section of on obesity was addressed in one sentence. "Reduce the amount of food you consume by half."

That pretty much covers the bases on most everything we would like to change. Keep it simple. Before CrossFit came around, the fitness industry was all about marketing. Somebody was trying to sell something. Announcing that the key to losing weight is to stop eating so much is a tough way to make a profit. You couldn't fill a book or a weekend seminar with such a simple message, so nobody ever mentioned it.

The industry made it complicated and entertaining instead, and we got fatter.

Let's look at a workout from this week:

60 sec Airdyne

60 sec Rest

60 sec unbroken American KBS

2 min rest


The idea is to empty your stores of ATP, a carrier of energy. This can only be done by 60ish seconds of high-intensity exercise. During the rest period, your body is trying to replenish the stores. When you hit the body with another 60 seconds of high intensity, it makes it very difficult.

Like me trying to write this blog with a 10-pound dog on my lap, sticking his tongue so far up my nose I can feel it on the back of my eyeball. Not only distracting but also causing a severe reaction.

Every time we interrupt the ATP storage process, the nervous system gets more and more annoyed. So much so that over the next 24-48 hours it will increase our serotonin, dopamine, testosterone, growth hormone, progesterone and the rest of our hormonal system just in case we try this monkey business again, so it will be prepared.

See, these are the facts that CrossFit founder Greg Glassman didn't invent. He just exposed the truth to us. Higher hormonal levels equal quality and quantity of hormonal change, which is the shortest and straightest line of changing health, performance, and aesthetic.


What about the facts behind the myths I mentioned earlier?

Lyle Alzado's claim that steroids caused his cancer coincided with the final chapter of the War on Drugs that was wheezing its final breath. Steroids mostly came from Mexico at that time, and government officials propped up Alzado's story to keep the "war" in the news. The Mayo Clinic now claims that there has never been a death that can be confirmed where recreational steroids were the cause.

When David Reynard's wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor that had the rough outline of a cell phone, they both believed that cell phones were the cause. After she died in 1992, David filed a suit that made headlines. It's hard to argue with a grieving husband whose wife was taken by cancer at 32 years old. But, since there was no evidence that this was true, the case was dismissed. Once again, there not have been any confirmed cases of cell phones causing cancer over the last 30 years, and many have tried. Think about the how big the payout would be. The only problem is that it isn't true, even if you want it to be.

Black mold has been around us for thousands of years—so long that we have actually adapted to it. If left alone, it doesn't affect us at all. If disturbed, we could be bothered with temporary pulmonary issues, almost like a cold for a week or two. But kill us? No. The biggest increase in MOLD REMEDIATION happened shortly after the sub-prime mortgage crash induced a recession. Contractors needed to find work, and while people weren't willing to add an addition, some were more than happy to invest in a smaller project like ripping out the walls in the basement for a few grand to get rid of the mold.

At the same time, many didn't. So.....where are the bodies of those who didn't?

Don't fall for the gimmicks, People. Hard work and common sense work every time.


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Labor Day tO THanksgiving

In the past couple of years, you have Made It Happen. You have been In It to Win It. You have jumped into Holiday and Lifestyle Accountability Plans, and now it is time to participate in THE BIG LEAN! Don’t let your Summer indulgences follow you into the Fall! Be primed and ready to go for a great holiday season and make your 2020 New Year the best yet!

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We also offer drop-ins for $25. Please make sure to check in on the schedule HERE after the week of the 4th, before your child decides to drop in. We will also send a follow-up email to announce our final summer schedule.

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YOU CAN STILL JUMP IN! THIS challenge is about consistency OVER INTENSITY, not about winninG.

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We’d like to get as many 60+ year-olds in Marin moving as possible! Athletes can join at any time; we pro-rate based on start days.

We’d like to get as many 60+ year-olds in Marin moving as possible! Athletes can join at any time; we pro-rate based on start days.


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