TJ's Gym Weekly News 08/30/2018



Message from TJ:

There have been lots of questions about the Make-It-Happen program I'm asking you to join, so here's an idea of what I'm trying to accomplish with this one.

We ask you to do hard stuff in here. We want you doing complicated core-to-extremity movements performed at uncomfortable intensities. We want you committing to a lifestyle that will spark your hormonal systems to create long-lasting changes in body fat, bone density, and lean body mass. These changes will give you a massive advantage in the fight against aging and chronic disease.

In countless ways, we challenge you to make choices that are initially uncomfortable and don't necessarily offer immediate results. Most of you who choose to stick with those choices look back and acknowledge that they were worth the effort. This is especially true when you are forced into situations that border on the extreme: cancer, joint replacement, loss of a loved one, etc. If you go into those experiences with a strong, physical baseline and clear mindset, you will have a far easier time dealing.

Of course, not all improvements in life can be achieved physically. We need to be challenged in other ways and in other areas in order to be better, stronger, and more prepared.

The Make-It-Happen program involves a very simple request: Don't eat sugar or drink alcohol from the day after Labor Day until Thanksgiving Day. I know this raises tons of questions, even though this is a pretty simple challenge. The answer will always will come back to this one basic rule: Don't eat sugar or drink alcohol until Turkey time.

I know. You want this to be a game or have rules or points or an app or maybe a funny mascot.

Maybe you want it to have its own social media account or a group chat room or celebrity endorsement.

"Hi, I'm Tico Torres and if you haven't tried MIH then you haven't tried it. Thank you very much, and God bless."

What we are doing here is asking you to NOT do something, and we aren't going to sub in a bunch of other crap to distract you. We just want to give your incredible human body a f$@#ing break. To let it heal. To let it recover. To let it be awesome 20 or 30 years from now. Trust me, it needs a vacation.

What I'm offering is my help. I'll help by asking hard questions. What do you want your life to look like ten years from now? Why this is so hard? Why did you fall off the wagon, and why won't you get back on again? What is the plan once this program is over?

Accountability. The whole way through. It's the missing piece. I've done it, myself, to work out my own demons. I know what to expect, and I know what you need. Here is the funny part: I'm not asking you to be perfect. I'm asking you to do this thing the whole way through, with me.

You'll be reading a whole bunch more below about the suggestions we make. Are they rules? I don't know, are they? Is there a winner? I don't know, is there? Lean protein, clean carbs, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables will all be permitted, but you probably already knew that. How much? Until you're full.

I look forward to the questions and comments. Make It Happen.



NEW Women's Group with Dr./Coach Allison Starts September 27th!

Marin Strong Flyer.jpg

Marin Strong Flyer.jpg

This is going to awesome! It'll be a great forum for women to come together for a whole bunch of camaraderie and support as we bounce around thoughts on all sorts of topics related to being a woman (fitness, health, kids, work, body image, sleep, nutrition, relationships...). Open to non-TJ's members, as well, so please spread the good word! Email with questions or to register.

The MAKE-IT-HAPPEN Fall Lifestyle and Nutrition Program with TJ.

Labor Day Schedule


FALL Session starts in SEPTEMBER

Our next Teen/Tween session on Tuesday, September 4th

Here are the details :

Session Dates:  September 4th - October 28th

Session Pricing - 8 Weeks

$176 (one day a week)*

$320 (two days a week)*

$430 (three days a week)*

Please reply ASAP to secure a spot. As always, we also have monthly options available for our year-round members.

Fall Schedule Our current class schedule will always be posted on our schedules page HERE.

*Corte Madera - Monday/Wednesday (ages 12 - 16) 4 pm *Mill Valley - Tuesday/Thursday (12 - 16) 4 pm *Corte Madera -Tuesday/Thursday (10 - 13) 4:30 pm *San Rafael - Tuesday/Thursday (12 - 16) 4 pm **(New offering!) *Mill Valley - Wednesday 4:00 (12 - 16) - Girls-only **PLEASE NOTE NEW TIME *Corte Madera - Saturday (12 - 16) 11 am

*Classes expire at the end of the session. Make-ups can happen as needed throughout the session. Schedule subject to change based on registration numbers. Email to register.


JFJ Ball Flyer.jpg

JFJ Ball Flyer.jpg

all season soccer logo.jpg

all season soccer logo.jpg

If anyone in your family needs (or wants!) a new soccer ball, please consider buying this one. 100% of profits go directly to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Just click on the image above to order yours from our great friends at All Season Soccer, THE place to go for all of your soccer needs!

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 3.56.34 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 3.56.34 PM.png

You can also support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital at the upcoming Miracles on the Bay Gala, where Hollis of Juggling for Jude will be speaking as honoree. Email for discounted tickets to this super-fun night out in San Francisco, or if you or your company is interested in discounted table sponsorships. They also need auction items! Thank you for considering!


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