TJ's Gym Weekly News 08/10/2018


Shout out to Coach Nick for making people in Marin better, hour after hour, year after year.

Message from TJ:

Carmen B.

I'm taking the blog in a little different direction this week. The most interesting stories are the ones that happen right here in our own community.  Every once in a while, I think it will be cool to drop in a quick video about someone in our program whom you all might find as motivating as I do.

Carmen started with us back in 2011. He's a transplant from Jersey, so there was an immediate connection. He was in his late 50's when he started and immediately became a favorite student of all the coaches. He shows up, he wants to do things right, and he breaks into a huge smile faster than anyone.

This is his story, and he and I both hope you'll enjoy it.