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Cole Ford earned it. Did you?

Chris Ford's entry in our #tjsgymlifestyle Instagram photo contest features the forward-reading sweat angel from the back of his son, Cole Ford's, shirt after completing CrossFit Open workout 18.3. See more on the contest below! #earnit

Message from TJ: 

School Calendar for the Win: Q1
If you've bought into my SCHOOL-CALENDAR-FOR-THE-WIN philosophy, I think you'll find this week's message helpful.  I don't know a darn thing about big business.  They work off of quarters or something. I think it's loosely called the Corporate-Soul-Devouring Calendar.  In my experience, anyone who says they made their "number" for the quarter seems to be genreally miserable leading up to that point. Sounds like fun, but not for me.
SCFTW works on its own calendar, which I described a couple of weeks ago.  I've put together a schedule for you to follow in Q1 in order for you to have a rockstar summer in the next quarter.  It's meant to suck fat, not your soul.
March 1-16:  Quit booze and sugar.  Fetal pig analogy.  Not easy, but dying from psoriasis of the liver or diabetes is worse.  Check in on the self-control muscle.  Do you still have one?  You're hitting workouts.  They suck, but that's OK.  You've haven't actuallu accomplished a damn thing yet. But I love you, and you're trying.
March 17th:  You're not 20.  Suck it up and hit the O'Douls or La Croix, you big baby.  Margaritas in June on a beach taste way better than Guinness in March standing in a packed pub with a bunch of millennials wondering who brought their parent.
March 18th:  Preventatively schedule either a horrible workout with a sober friend or a babysitting gig for your friend's toddler.  Having something awful hanging over your head will help you keep it between the lines.  Just think of pushing a swing and crawling through a play structure for four hours with a hangover.  Kill me.
March- Mid-April: You've quit something shitty each week.  Bread one week, chips the next, half a jar of peanut butter per day.  Whatever. Now that it's Spring Break, you're off the crap and you've been sweating regularly.  Sleep is better, jeans are looser, and someone mistakes you for your skinny-fat sibling but whatever, you'll take it.  You've put in some work and you're feeling like you've earned something.  You haven't.  Once again, You're an adult and Spring Break is not for you.  Driving kids around isn't hard.  Going to work and drinking $6 oatmilk lattes is not hard.  Eating right and working out is not hard.  You adult'd for six weeks.  You deserve a haircut and maybe not to have gout.  Eat right while your kids go nuts on vacation.  Sleep like a champ, workout, and take Yoga in the same day. RECOVER! But don't eat like an asshole.  Come back and get ready for the home stretch.
End of April till June 1:  Be perfect.  That's all I ask.  Clean and Consistent.  Through the perfect evenings, the end-of-year gatherings, the ferry rides to meet your buddies at the game, the co-worker who needs advice after work at the hip brewery.  Don't break.  You've got momentum on your side.  If you've broken already, we have to assume you've aligned yourself with a coach to keep you accountable.  If you haven't, then it's not a priority and that's the facts.
End of the first quarter of the school year.  Did you make your numbers?  If you commit now you can.  Close your eyes and imagine yourself at that event or vacation in mid-June.  You're wearing a new outfit or shorts because there is less of you now.  Your arms are tighter and tanner.  Your legs stop moving when you do now.  Imagine the scene.  You are savoring the view, the drink, the food, the atmosphere, because you know what struggling is really like on a rainy Tuesday in April when life crept up on you and gave you an atomic wedgie, and you didn't break.  See it.

Now, go do it.


Superstar Jesse Maddex takes bragging rights for Mill Valley this week in our Intra-Gym CrossFit Open Competition!*

Congratulations to Jesse, who completed his workout Rx, ending up at the 99.56%ile worldwide for men in the 35-39 age group. SUPER impressive! Coming in a close second was San Rafael's Kathy Jung, who complete her workout Scaled and landed at the 98.36%ile in the world for Scaled women ages 50-54. Awesome! Finally, Corte Madera's rockstar, Matt Hyman, completed his workout Rx and fell at the 82.59%ile worldwide for Rx men worldwide. Totally legit!  We look forward to week four! And don't forget we we are tracking overall gym scores, as well, with the gym winner to be announced at the end of the Open. Fun stuff!

*Photo coming soon! Check back this weekend for the update with Jesse in the sweet pink champions belt. 

Welcoming (Back) Coach Jeff Peterson




We are super excited to announce the (second) start of the TJ's Gym coaching career of Jeff Peterson, now that he's officially a LEO! In addition to being a total stud of an athlete, Jeff is also a newish police officer with Central Marin Police Department, and we are thrilled that he is going to be spending some of his off time coaching for us. Look for Jeff to have increasing consistency once his schedule becomes a little more consistent. Woohoo!

TJ’s Gym Lifestyle & Accountability Program (LAP) is now an ONGOING Offering!

It's now mid-MARCH. TJ can help you salvage those resolutions and actually make changes in 2018. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? (Read More...

Want to change your life? Our 6-week program with TJ is a great jump start.  You can start anytime.  Over the course of the first six weeks of your journey, you will work closely with TJ to get yourself

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Mark your Calendars for this Awesome Soccer Sale Hosted by our Friends at All Season Soccer! Saturday, March 24th.

You can get crazy deals like $10 brand-name cleats and soccer balls, and all sorts of other steals! This will be at their Novato store on Grant Avenue and will be part of a sale involving a couple of other fun local shops. Bonus: they will be selling raffle tickets to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital via Juggling for Jude, so TJ and Hollis will be on hand from 10-11am for the festivities and soccer juggling for a cause!

TJ's Gym + Whole Foods Instagram Contest

Don't forget to show us in photos what makes our TJ's community so great! We’ve partnered up with @wholefoodsmarin to reward your commitment to fitness and community, and our ten favorite photos will each win a $50 Whole Foods Market gift card!
The rules are simple:
*Hashtag any fitness-related photo with #TJsGymLifestyle and follow both @tjsgyms and @wholefoodsmarin.
*Photos must be taken during the month of March and hashtagged by 3/31.
*Each individual can enter up to 10 photos.
*Contestants agree to allow @tjsgyms and @wholefoodsmarin to repost entry photos with credit on their Instagram channels.
Winners will be announced the week of April 2nd. To be eligible, contestants must be active members of TJ's Gym and follow both @tjsgyms and @wholefoodsmarin at the time of posting and winner selection.
This contest is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm they are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use. 

It's Never too Late to Get that teen/tween in your life moving! 

Our Winter Session started on Monday, March 5th.

Find out more about our ongoing Teen/Tween program...

Email to register for the session. 


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