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Program Foundations:

•Injury prevention/Consistency 
Strength training builds stronger, more resilient connective tissues (muscle, bone, tendon, ligament), allowing athletes to train harder and with more frequency, all while avoiding injury.

•Efficiency/Muscular Power
Power is a necessity for success in distance running. Our Running Strong program aims to increase runners' ability to create and access power.

While running has significant cardiovascular benefits, it often falls short when it comes to balance and sustainability. We will address issues and ailments common to runners, with the goal of enabling athletes to enjoy running for years to come.

Coach Nick Laplant is a Marin County native who grew up running the trails of Mt. Tam. He ran competitively for Tam High and earned a scholarship to Humboldt State, where he competed in Cross Country and Track and Field. Nick has competed in a number of demanding local races, including the Dipsea, and the Mt. Tam Hill Climb, and he is thrilled to be helping others reach their running potential in the beautiful running backdrop of Marin.

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